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About Me

Agata is qualified personal trainer with postgraduate University degree.


She has a Master’s degree in Sociology with specialization in health from one of the best universities in the world, McGill University in Canada. Agata studied medicine but decided that she wants to help people by motivating and supporting them in reaching their goals.

Private trainer, health and life coach, sincere and authentic.


She will listen to your needs and design training that fits your needs. Her specialization is training with your own body weight which is healthier. Nutrition and food advice is also offered by Agata because it is essential for happy and healthy you. Agata will focus on your mental as much as your physical well being. She offers a holistic approach.

Agata is true, honest and authentic

When I saw Agata’s picture on internet, I found it difficult to believe that in today’s world there are still such wonderful people who want to help others. Agata is true, honest and authentic and at the same time intelligent and highly educated. I decide to contact her and speak about life balance via internet. Second meeting, I decided I would meet her in person in a café. It was a meeting which gave me so much good energy. I felt we could speak about everything for hours.

Stefan, age 65 Germany

Happier and healthier than ever before

I contacted Agata because I wanted to lose weight and I was not sure if had a good diet. We started with weekly consultations and I changed the way I think about food. I started training with Agata online and also added a daily activity. I am happier and healthier than ever before. Thank you Agata for all you have done for me 🙂

ANNA, age 57 Poland

Inspiring experience.

Consultation with Agata was an inspiring experience. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman with a big heart. Her advice was very useful. Highly recommended!

ERIK, age 73 Norway

Meeting Agata was like a breath of fresh air

Meeting Agata was like a breath of fresh air. She listens, really cares, is flexible to your schedule, has a fantastic personal approach and also is incredibly professional, tailoring every session to what I need that day in line with my long term fitness goals but with the talent of making it seem effortless. In working with Agata I am honestly motivated for each session. I’m motivated to make time to work with someone who is as invested in me as an individual at a granular level; knowing when it’s too much and when to push that extra bit out of you. Agata achieves all this while smiling and creating a positive and calm environment to succeed.

HELENA, age 42 Switzerland